The Guest House

The North Shores Lodge Guest House is available for two weeks each season.*

*The Guest House is the residence of the landowners/caretakers and is available for Reservations 2 weeks out of each year. The availability of the Guest House is on a first come, first serve basis.

The Guest House has spectacular views of Whitefish Lake and the is accentuated by the amazing sunsets. The Guest House also has a 30’ boat dock with room for two boats.

The Guest House is perfect for a quiet retreat or additional space for large parties that have reserved the Lodge.

The Guest House has 1 bedroom that contains a King-size bed.
It also has 2 bedrooms that feature a Queen size bed.
The House has 4 full bathrooms, in addition to 2 powder rooms.

For questions or to Reserve Dates for the Guest House, please contact us at the following :